Wednesday, 12 September 2007

The Dhaka Dialogue

Approaching the 26th Bangladeshi fella down the isle trying to get meal service done as efficiently as possible.

Me: "Hi there how are you would you like Fish or Vegetarian today" (in a falsely cheerful tone)

Man #1: Silence. Stares then looking like he wasn't spoken to

Me: " Fish? OK! Here it is, enjoy your meal!"

Moving on...

Me: "What about you Sir, Fish? Vegetarian?" (looks at him pretending I am getting a reply)

Man #2: (mumbles) "... OK... OK."

Me: "Vegetarian? (pause) Fish?" (hoping at least he'll repeat one of those words

Man #2: nod/shake his head, gesturing for me to put something on his table

Me: "Vegetarian for you, Sir. Enjoy your meal!" (stretches my mouth across so it resembles a smile)

400 men. Like Mustafa on Sunday, except packed in a metal tube, each thirsty and hungry. I'm a 'Sister' to everyone demanding water or beer while desperately ordering them with body language to sit down and fasten their seat belts because of obvious turbulence. I have to remember checking on the lavatories to make sure there's not another smoker lighting up in there. I have to rudely tell them to turn off their mobile phones as they ignorantly use the gadgets to capture random images onboard. 9 hours and 56 minutes flight time back and forth.

On other Dhaka flight we crew get a 24hr layover. I've heard how it's a pain to walk out to the streets and witness poverty. One crew, on her first Dhaka layover was inspired to make a difference. Among her successes, Maria Conceicao has set up a sewing and beauty school for Bangladeshi women, a computer training centre and a school for children. She founded and runs The Dhaka Project.


Zul said...

I feel inspired too.. i will set up the Dhaka sweatshop for european luxury goods and later charging exorbitant prices to naive consumers.

Viper said...

It's all that and much more... and at no administration costs!!!!