Sunday, 29 April 2007

Feel The Sky

Always wanted a Blythe. The first one that caught my eyes many years back cost a whopping S$600. Upon careful consideration I resisted and ever since it's just been distant admirations.

Until now that is.

Dear Pris (who has lately been Blythe-obsessed) got me a Petite Blythe aptly named 'Feel The Sky' for it dons a retro chic dress, her official uniform for Royal Air Blythe. There are many accessories that complete the cute flight attendant look: hat, dress, coat, belt, boots, earrings, hair accessory... She even has a passport and an airline bag! Best part? The Petite version as opposed to the Neo Blythe, comes with Pilot outfit!

Thank you Pris.

Friday, 13 April 2007


Happiness is a far more complicated emotion; when it comes, it's fleeting, bewildering, and undeserved.

Sunday, 8 April 2007

June & Kok Leong on 6th April

For weeks leading up to the wedding time seemed to have accelerated. My dear friend June has been preparing for the big day for a long time and being the bridesmaid I am not about to give chance to any shortcomings on that day. Along with the 'sisters' we met and mapped out everything according to spreadsheets and programmes all crafted by the Bride herself.

A little behind-the-scenes observation: Bride-to-be naturally gets stressed up and it seems to me she takes more responsibility upon herself than her other half to make everything right. Maybe it's the nature of the feminine kind, we are careful (sometimes worrying a tad much) and every little detail matters to us. I hope this does not equate to men thinking less about weddings, or marriage for that matter. Just perhaps, testosterone was never meant for wedding planning.

So it was a long day of traditional rituals, tea ceremonies, rehearsals and eventually the grand banquet. I walked down the aisle next to Bernard the bestman (the 'best' man as recommended by the sword bearers) throwing rose petals thinking this could be the closest I'll get to being The Bride.

Nonetheless I am proud to be there and I wish June and Kok Leong everlasting love and happiness.

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Ready, Get Set, Blog.

This is my second blog.

This new blog marks a transition into my second life, the part where the second career takes off. My friends, as you'd be wise to admit - many 'firsts' are carefully stored in a magic memory box some labeled 'Read Only', 'Fragile' or even 'High Security'. Friends of mine who often had too much to drink may have theirs aptly filed under 'Unaccompanied'.

Please remain in your seats with your seat belts fastened.

Truth is, the end of my 30 years saw a turning point. A turn so sharp it went off the ground. In the beginning were the wandering thoughts of a desert of gold, then came the opportunity and now the offer to work in Dubai with its airline. This decision have surprised many including myself, yet it is a necessary shock to the system. "What system?", if you ask. Well it consists of a certain saturation, a complacency, and a pattern you worry may never end. I am not complaining about the system, mind you. I am aware (maybe overly so) that the transition is going to be hard and I promise to indulge in wonderful memories of my pre-flying life.

So, pardon me if you know about this blog a little late. Forgive me if you hate my gut. Bear with me if this blog will be intermittent, or even incessantly indulgent - who knows. But remember to stay with me all of you because I may be away but I never left.