Thursday, 7 January 2010

The Niece Goes to Primary School

My 6-year old niece is officially a primary one student. Days before the year ended we staged a mini uniform dress up. See the little brat's messy/sweaty hair, over-sized blouse and skirt... reminds me of that cold, dark January morning decades ago when I was a brand new primary school kiddo myself! I was nervous and timid. I think she'll cope better. She's going to attend school at her brother's alma mater where he did pretty well. Measuring up to her sibling is one, most importantly I hope she'll be enjoying herself over the next six years!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Snowstorm Sunday

Am sitting by the window in my hotel room so I can see the view - not much of it except dark sky and vague distant lights beyond the massive snow shower. Since arriving at 10am this morning at -9 degrees celcius it's been snowing non-stop and heavier. By now the roads below and some of the vehicles are entirely covered in freezing whiteness. The whole place looks like it got heavy sugar icing! It's reported that Beijing will be at its coldest in 40 years, tomorrow.

Decending into the capital's airport we couldn't see a thing. Captain joked that we've arrived in north pole. Then there was a very slow and careful taxi on the vast icy ground (I don't know how they could make out the runway!) onto the stand.

The all-new, gigantic terminal didn't feel heated. As if that wasn't bad enough, we were stranded between the shuttle train service that takes us to the other end of the terminal due to several technical hiccups. And the coach that usually takes us to the hotel in 30 minutes took 70 minutes on the slippery roads.

I've never seen Beijing like this. Never met snow so fierce and wind so merciless. But I think about the crew going Toronto on his next flight, I feel a little less bitter.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Furry Mittens. Sometimes Dirty, Mostly White.

Next This year, Saffi - when you're seven years old - I hope to be celebrating the new year with you!