Monday, 21 July 2008


I am well aware this blog hasn't been updated for a looong looooong time and as an act of self defense here are the low-downs:

- June is a crazy month. Believe me. I packed and left. I crashed and learned. I moved and pack (some more... packing is endless)
- Two trips in June, New York and Shanghai. I've lotsa photos to share, some very nice ones from Frankfurt especially visit to Goethe Haus
- Thank you Emirates but no, I don't miss Dubai
- I like my new home and it is back in Singapore. Cats are happy and so are their people
- Since 4th July I've been here in London and it won't be until 18th August when I return
- London has been loads of fun. Internet access is extremely limited but in my non-virtual life I made new friends who are really wonderful people
- My life will be back to normal when I return, with sticky weather, my favourite food, and Saffi by my side. New rosters I will put up - think I'll be out of town a lot

Oh, baby Nigel is here. Thank June and Kok Leong for that, well done folks. I can't wait to get myself some Nigel moments. I bought him a little boy swimmies.

Take good care and we'll catch up soon.