Friday, 12 September 2008

Sleeping Face Down

Saffi has recently been highlighting the fact that she's got a flat face by sleeping er, flat on the face. I have no idea how she breathes, occassionally I do check that she's still breathing. The pictures here taken last night after she dozed off as I stroked her head (it went lower, lower, lower...) and then you can only see her ears.

You're So Vain... OK, So This Post Is About You

Thursday, 4 September 2008

My Only Trip to Germany

Yes, the first and last time my ex airline would send me to Germany. That was in May, and the weather was fine. Me and the Koreans, armed with our fully charged cameras we set off to walk about and visited the Goethe Haus.

That may be something I miss - going places. But hell, if it's better off at work, plus I get to be home in Singapore with friends, family and cats... what more can I ask.

This post is for an album I should've posted months back so here it goes!