Sunday, 26 September 2010

The Elusive Red Dot

So cute.

Poor Saffi... never could catch the dot.

Oh maybe we shouldn't let her play with The Dot so much. 20 minutes after the chase, she's still looking for it! I read somewhere that it could be frustrating for cats when they're unable to catch their prey - in this case a toy - so using a conventional mouse/fish tease could be better?

Saturday, 18 September 2010


Oh look, Andy's almost in the clouds!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

A Cat and a Tissue Box

Wonder if she knows, she makes me laugh :)

Coffee, Anyone?

There's been some coffee brewing at home since the acquisition of a Nespresso machine. The machine came with a set of 16 capsules to sample, and I've decided on some favourites: Strong and spicy Indriya; Arpeggio, Cappricio, Volluto and Cosi from the Espresso range; Fortissio for the Lungo; the 3 decafs are good enough to stock up too, for an after dinner treat.

Apart from the fact that this small, quiet gadget makes good coffee, it's cost efficient at 5x cuppa to 1x Starbucks (machine aside). Maintenance is easy, you need only to fill its water tank like you would to make coffee - hit a button and run water through without a capsule in.

I'm also pleased with drinking more milk now that I enjoy these lattes and cappucinos. Still trying to make a prettier cappuccino. Pictured here is the Magimix Citiz & Milk White. See the Citiz range here.