Friday, 7 September 2007

Off Days

Since returning from an annoying Amman turnaround on the 5th afternoon, I've been enjoying my well-deserved off days.

Things I did:
- sleeping substantially
- cook meals
- eat, eat, eat
- TV (was doing a recap of Lost's earlier seasons in preparation for season 3 - I'm giving it another go)
- a bit of alcoholic drinks here and there
- snacking in front of TV (chocolates, ice cream, oranges, apples, keropok, etc)
- sleep more
- some reasonable amount of cleaning and laundry
- set up Facebook profile

I went to bed slightly guilty, and woke this morning still lazing in bed I drew a new layout of my bedroom in my head.

So I:
- got up promptly
- ate cereals with raisins and banana, had milk too
- started tearing apart the plugs and cables and moved the furnitures in my room
- vacuumed the floor
- laid star lights on floor and frame up painting of Goddess Aphrodite I acquired from Athens
- put fleece blanket I've been wallowing in into the washing machine
- changed into running gear, went to the gym dowstairs and did a mediocre 2.8km in 25 minutes haha (I did a few pathetic weight lifts too)

Here in Dubai I'd advise against running outdoors - you'll probably end up less fit given the sand, haze and traffic pollution.

I feel good. I feel my muscles working, very soon my body will look better than Madonna's. I like my new room setup. I will make a healthy vegetable soup for dinner and watch some TV, iron the uniforms, sleep early - yeah right - and be fully ready for Kuwait flight tomorrow afternoon.

Did I mention the Krispy Kreme reward after the run? It was heavenly - crispy on the outside with sugar and chocolate coating, smooth cream inside. The best things a flatmate can bring home from Deira City Centre ;)

p.s. the original ones in the background are my favourite too!


Zul said...

Well done kim!! exercise will do you good! about looking like madonna hmmmm lets not get too ambitious eh.... hahaha (cymbals)

It looked bloody hot outside i wouldnt run in that weather too.
Krisy Kremeeee yuums please please bring like 10 boxes back when u return back??...... i want the glazed ones... hmmmmm

Davester said...

krispy kreme yummmmmmmmmieeee.

Stepmother said...

Bring Krispy cream back or No Saffi for you!

Potato Vaio & The Couch said...

Ooooohh... First threats I got in Dubai! So exciting. I will try and make a trip to the mall and get those evil donuts night before I fly back k? I hope by the time I get to Singapore they won't be stuck to the top of the box!

Yeah Zul, weather's getting better but it's still about 40 degrees outside at noon. Next month will see lower temperature I think.

Anonymous said...

hey girl!

your room look so cozy and nice, esp. with the inviting queen size bed... :)

take care of ur health and have good flights always! =)