Wednesday, 3 October 2007


This is home surely, as my senses tell me:

Was back in Singapore for 15 days, my leave extended (so has my waist line). Had a great time with family, friends and cats. Satisfied gastronomically - even went across the causeway, ate like there's no tomorrow.

I curled my hair, done my nails, bought a watch, played mahjong, drank kopi-o, had supper in the wee hours, shopped in the heartlander's, visited friends' residences, celebrated Mid-Autumn/Moon Cake Festival, even fetch my niece from the kindergarten.

Felt so good to be home, care-free and content... in the end there's always a little reluctance for all these to end. I told myself on the way to the airport, be grateful: long breaks and worldwide destinations aren't what many employers can offer.

Anyhoo I'll be back two days later - I love the guys at crew scheduling! *muaks*

Disclaimer: the apparent similarity in attire (Wendy and me) was purely coincidence, not intended. She changed into something else before we went out.

All pictures here.


Stepmother said...

WAHH!!!! Actually it been a long time since something so close happened, 10 yrs back we were in class wearing the same white mid-drift.

Thanks for the skirt. HUG!

kelly said...

ur kitty has the same name as my bf's dog. his is short for sapphire. i nv thot i wud find another animal with the same name, SAFFI!

Potato Vaio & The Couch said...

Kelly!! Mine is short for Sapphire too! I named her after her eyes colour... very original lor. Dunno why but I imagine your bf's dog is Siberian Husky... is it?