Tuesday, 23 October 2007

UK, Back to Back

First was Gatwick on 16th, then Heathrow on the 20th. In Gatwick I squandered all my allowance on shopping and food but got a lot more sensible on the Heathrow trip, saving half my pocket money.

I've been lucky too, haven't had a rainy day so far on London trips. In fact, weather has been good, sunny in the day too. But it's not gonna last and we all know it. The next time I go, I bet it's the same old wet and cold London, hardly a few hours of daylight. Depressing.

Gatwick - the hotel is a mere 5 minutes' walk to temptation - town called Crawley. There are shops and malls enough to easily spend your British pounds in. I rested early the night before when we arrived thus was out early for breakfast at Costa Coffee (pic taken here from my half-eaten muffin) and returned in the afternoon with some lousy Fish & Chips for lunch.

Heathrow - when in Hounslow I had KFC. Seeing it's Saturday and high human traffic in the outlet I decided to give UK KFC another chance since I had a bad experience with it many years back. I ordered Wrapstar with 3 bite-sized wings. The fries that came with my meal was good, overall the food is very decent! I went to town with Sharon (Mauritius) - she's quite a shopaholic! :)

See updated photo album here.

Monday, 15 October 2007

Back Home For Jesslyn's 4th Birthday!

It's such a happy coincidence that I could be home for my neice's birthday celebration. Now at 4, she's totally into birthdays, wondering why all her classmates are having birthdays but her (not realising it comes once a year).

So it's one day in Singapore then off to Melbourne. Melbourne's still cold, at about 10 degrees when we arrived. Didn't go out except to grab a bite near the hotel. Rest of the time spent catching up on sleep to prepare for another day in Singapore.

5 days, 4 sectors. Great bunch of crew. Hope to see them again!

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Manchester in September

Last month I went on a Manchester trip. It was good flight and crew, good shopping. In fact, I look forward to visit Manchester again.

Back in Dubai we had some time on the tarmac waiting for the bus so despite the fatique and too much sunshine we whipped out our cameras for a quick photo session.

All pictures here.


This is home surely, as my senses tell me:

Was back in Singapore for 15 days, my leave extended (so has my waist line). Had a great time with family, friends and cats. Satisfied gastronomically - even went across the causeway, ate like there's no tomorrow.

I curled my hair, done my nails, bought a watch, played mahjong, drank kopi-o, had supper in the wee hours, shopped in the heartlander's, visited friends' residences, celebrated Mid-Autumn/Moon Cake Festival, even fetch my niece from the kindergarten.

Felt so good to be home, care-free and content... in the end there's always a little reluctance for all these to end. I told myself on the way to the airport, be grateful: long breaks and worldwide destinations aren't what many employers can offer.

Anyhoo I'll be back two days later - I love the guys at crew scheduling! *muaks*

Disclaimer: the apparent similarity in attire (Wendy and me) was purely coincidence, not intended. She changed into something else before we went out.

All pictures here.