Friday, 28 December 2007

Beijing #2

Back in Beijing sooner than I thought, on the 15th this month. It was getting colder, already in its minus celcius degrees. Having done the Great Wall, Forbidden City and famous Peking Duck in the past, I decided to venture out and about the hotel on my own.

I'll just leave you with some photos I took during this trip:

Walked down this street from across the hotel and there is a well-stocked DVD shop. Further up as I was looking for brunch I found a restaurant called Hong Zhuang Yuan which specialises in a large variety of congees and many other Beijing dishes.

Ordered a congee with preserved duck egg, a tofu/mushroom stirfry and a pancake. Choice of pancake stuffed with chives and garlic. They're all yummy but I couldn't finish and wasted half of everything.

It was weekend and the streets were crowded. Lotsa people gathered to buy candied fruits, which is also known as Bing Tang Hu Lu.

Chicken and Cashew Salad? Singapore? Better not be led by curiosity. I ordered a plate of dozen steamed dumplings and fruit platter instead.

On the way back to Dubai I went to the cockpit with the Captain's interphone invitation to witness the grand view of the Himalayas. Though 28,000ft above the area the mountains looked really close up. Nice one.

Will be doing Beijing #3 tomorrow, it will be colder. I hope to discover more little things in my surroundings and definitely do some shopping in the giant Carrefour.

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Early December

Earlier this month, having finished my 'reserve' duties I headed back home and enjoyed the remaining ten days of my annual leave. There was rain, mom's cuisine, late night suppers, rain, niece/nephew's usual squabbles, the cats, hi-tea with family, more rain, and a half-boiled hot pot in place of the yearly Christmas gathering.

Thanks for showing up even if it was just for a beer or a fishball; for all your gifts - including those on Facebook; and for hanging out regardless of agenda (mostly the lack of it).

Temporary Genius

Thanks to Dave's suggestion my typing agony was short-lived. I promptly went out to buy an external keyboard. Was tempted to get the sexy Logitech's Ultra Slim but then decided on the cheaper option anyway I'll make sure my Vaio gets fixed. Problem solved with 49dhs Genius.

Monday, 24 December 2007


M keboad is scewed. Some lettes and nmbes won't appea. Some needs holding on fo mintes befoe it would. It's psetting and frstrating. I don't have time to tpe anymoe, geddit?

Has this happened to yo befoe? Have ou eve get stck? It's like thee's so mch to sa bt you've no voice (in this case I still have one bt I croak like hell. Oh geat, I can't even close backet!

I have no mood to go online but I hide so I can see who ae online, can't help being nosy despite m disability. I want to wite abot m ecent trips and thoght abot othe stff too. I don't know when I will be back in Singapoe so I can bing this vaio to the Sony.

It's the wordless time of m life.

Friday, 14 December 2007

Happy Birthday, Saffi

To celebrate Saffi's birthday today I have put up a 30-picture album complete with captions.

Above: The first time we met.

Dear Saffi

You turn 4 today and you deserve a poem
From across the seas for all to admire
Let me make yummy virtual cakes
May you have the sweetest dreams in between takes

(And so it is...)
You came to my life when things look tired
And left that snobbish Garfield who resembles a lion
A tad skinny and way too quiet
You purred and greeted like a grand live-wire

You liked my bag and lay down on it
As if to say "if I could fit take me with it"
And you came along in a cab
To have everyone fall in love with a brand new cat

Your quiet blue eyes they speak to me
A kitty who stares and not afraid to be
I learned so much from your demeanor
For I was new to you as you were to me

Dear Saffi

You turn 4 today and you deserve the best
For time after time you've given no less
I am a convert smittened by you
A perfect company when I was confused

You're big now no bad weather scares you
But you can nudge me like you used to
Then snuggle close and warm
In our bed shelter till the sky is new

It's your day and a shame I'm not there
But I swear to every star how much I care
I wish to hear your loveliest voice now that you share
And sing a song for you though you'd not care!

Of all found and lost I love you most
You're a gift to me, my biggest prize
Be a good girl so 'Stepmom,' can boast
Of such precious light you cast in my life