Saturday, 10 October 2009

I've Been Razzled and Dazzled

London is getting colder. It is autumn, I haven't seen any sight resembling its beauty - just wet, cold, winter-transitioning climate.

One such Friday a few of us decided to head out to Leicester Square and catch a musical. We went for Chicago this time, one I've been meaning to watch. Discounted, 30pounds for one of Cambridge Theatre's beat seats. I'm happy as a bird despite the rainy evening.

The story circles around feisty showgirls Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart, set in the 20s Chicago where big bands holler and scandals loom. A witty sizzling tale of men, women, cheating, murder, and fame. The UK cast were brilliant, and I especially adore the voice of Linzi Hately who played the demanding role of Roxie.

It was a captivating 2hr 20min. Though there were no massive props and wardrobe changes, I didn't feel that the musical was anything less of a gripping and highly entertaining performance.

The official UK site.